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Krola was Minister of Security on Malcor III in the 2360s. He served in this capacity in 2367 when Commander William T. Riker, on a mission to coordinate the final steps before the Federation made first contact with the Malcorians, was injured and treated at the Sikla Medical Facility.

When he learned of Riker's alien nature, Krola was deeply suspicious. He became convinced that even if the intentions of the Federation were peaceful it would mean the end of the Malcorians' way of life. Krola believed that the crew of the USS Enterprise-D was attempting to infiltrate Malcorian society after he discovered Riker had been disguised as a Malcorian. In an attempt to dissuade Chancellor Avel Durken from establishing relations with the Federation, Krola shot himself with Riker's phaser, placing it in Riker's hand to make it look like Riker did it. He was willing to commit suicide using Riker's phaser. Because the weapon was set on stun, the attempt did not succeed, but Krola's actions convinced Durken that the Malcorians were not ready to accept the existence of alien life. (TNG: "First Contact")

Krola was played by actor Michael Ensign.

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