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Romulus administrative district, 2368

The Krocton Segment on Romulus in 2368.

The Krocton Segment was a political region on Romulus.

In the late 2360s this segment was represented by Senator Pardek. Pardek maintained a dwelling in Krocton, he visited on the third day of the Romulan week. He also had family in the area, including one that is a legal intercessor.

During the year 2368, Federation Captain Jean-Luc Picard and Lieutenant Commander Data visited the Krocton Segment as part of their undercover attempt at making contact with Ambassador Spock, who had aligned himself with the Romulan underground movement operating out of nearby caves. (TNG: "Unification I", "Unification II")

The matte painting used to depict the Krocton Segment was reused to depict Romulus in DS9's "Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges". The Krocton Segment seemed to be constructed in the same circular style as the Romulan capital city seen in Star Trek Nemesis, perhaps indicating a common design in Romulan urban planning.

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