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Kristian Edward Sorensen (born 10 June 1968; age 49) is a military actor who had a supporting role as Military Policeman #1 in an episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.(citation needededit) As a background actor, he received no credit for his role.

Sorensen was born Park Ridge, Illinois and is the founder of the casting agency, a casting agency for military and police types, which members all have a military or police background. Sorensen himself is holding the rank of a major in the US Army, a member since April 1986, and served recently in the Iraq for the Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2007. [1]

Among Sorensen's on-screen performances are featured and supporting roles in the television series Babylon 5, The Burning Zone, High Incident, C16, The Visitor (1997, with Granville Ames), Players (1998, with Miguel Perez), ER (1998, with Holmes Osborne, Robert Symonds, and Amanda Carlin), and Any Day Now, as well as a regular background role in Space: Above and Beyond (1995-1996, with Lanei Chapman and Tucker Smallwood). For several projects he also served as technical adviser to the production, among other Godzilla (1998), Armageddon (1998), Thirteen Days (2000), and the television series V.I.P. (2002) and Strong Medicine (2001-2003).

Feature films include Dennis Hopper's comedy Chasers (1994, with Dean Stockwell and Seymour Cassel), Stephen Sommer's adventure film The Jungle Book (1994, with Faran Tahir), the comedy Renaissance Man (1994, with Ed Begley, Jr.), Kevin Spacey's thriller Albino Alligator (1996), Stuart Baird's thriller Executive Decision (1996, with Andreas Katsulas), Michael Bay's action thriller The Rock (1996), Tim Burton's science fiction comedy Mars Attacks! (1996, with Paul Winfield), the action drama Volcano (1997, with Jacqueline Kim), the science fiction film Contact (1997), Wolfgang Petersen's thriller Air Force One (1997), the drama The General's Daughter (1999, with James Cromwell and Clarence Williams III), the fantasy film Megiddo: The Omega Code 2 (2001), and the horror sequel Species III (2004, with Robert Knepper and Christopher Neame).

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