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Kriosian musical instrument

Kamala teaching Picard how to play the instrument.

The Kriosian musical instrument was a large instrument from planet Krios that was similar in appearance to an Earth xylophone.

A Kriosian instrument of this kind was part of the holographic recreation of the Temple of Akadar that was to be the setting of the marriage between Alrik of Valt and Kamala of Krios.

It was part of the wedding ceremony to play the instrument according to a certain discipline, called Torze-qua. As Ambassador Briam was unable to attend the ceremony, Kamala taught Captain Jean-Luc Picard how to play the instrument. (TNG: "The Perfect Mate")

According to composer Jay Chattaway, the Kriosian instrument was represented by a Balinese Gamelan instrument. The producers brought in real Balinese musicians to provide the piece of music heard in the episode. (Memorable Missions, TNG Season 5 DVD special features)

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