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The Kriosian language was the spoken language of the Kriosians of Krios Prime.

In 2152, while two Retellians kidnapped First Monarch Kaitaama and Commander Tucker, his universal translator took a while to take effect, and because of this Tucker couldn't understand her speaking Kriosian for several minutes. (ENT: "Precious Cargo")

Examples of spoken Kriosian Edit

The formatting, spelling and translations of this dialogue have been taken from the final draft script of "Precious Cargo".


Get away from me!

Kosh vahs!

Watch out!

Tuuvat aat!

Who are you!

Luuvasta eeva! Destass!

Who are these men? Where are they taking me?

Haas travva-duukla.

If you deceive me, you'll regret it.

Slovaasa toraya!

You'll die for this!


Thank you.


What are you doing?



Voht tohnni-veh... ah-tyuun ponahs.

If you're involved with these men... you'll be severely punished.

Akassa jhorat... fooraya noora teh...fghassa aahna aahanjoora.

What species are you... do you know anything about my abduction?


What's taking so long?

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