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Krios Battlecruiser

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Kriosian battlecruiser

A Kriosian battle cruiser docks with Enterprise

The Kriosian battle cruiser was a type of warship used by the Kriosians during the mid-22nd century. Along with protecting Krios space, the Kriosian battle cruiser was also assigned the duty of protecting the First Monarch and the Royal family, which was known across hundreds of worlds.

In September 2152, a Kriosian battle cruiser rendezvoused with Enterprise NX-01 to receive and transport First Monarch Kaitaama. (ENT: "Precious Cargo")

In the script for "Precious Cargo", this battle cruiser is consistently called an "Imperial Vessel" (apart from in a log entry made in both the script and the actual episode). The script also describes the craft as "slightly smaller" than the NX-class Enterprise.
The Kriosian battle cruiser is a re-use of the CGI for the Akritirian patrol ship, and even still has the emblem of the Akritirians.

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