PADD 2150s

A Starfleet PADD showing a "Decryption Matrix" for the Kreetassan language

The Kreetassan language was the spoken language of the Kreetassans. It was relatively very difficult to master, as sometimes one word could have a dozen different meanings. In fact, noted communications officer Hoshi Sato struggled to learn Kreetassan and once commented that it had the most subtle contextual variations she had ever seen in any language. (ENT: "Vox Sola")

Kreetassan was additionally described as "a complex language" in the final draft script of "Vox Sola". Although it is stated in the episode that a single Kreetassan word can have "a dozen" separate meanings, this was instead scripted as "dozens."

During ritual sectioning of an alvera tree, the person who was performing the splicing of the tree had to repeatedly state the Kreetassan phrase, "Deelos takaa, seely estos oor-rah. Tenvla nikot pranab boko oor-tah." (ENT: "A Night in Sickbay")

The spelling and formatting of this phrase, whose meaning is unknown, comes from the final draft script of "A Night in Sickbay". The script also notated its pronunciation as "DEE-lohs tah-KAH SEE-lee ES-toos oo-RAH. TENV-la nee-KOTT PRAH-nahb bow-kow oor-TAH."

Vocabulary Edit




Roughly, "Open the doors"


A verb meaning both "mate" and "eat," depending on phonetic emphasis; the former was conveyed by emphasizing the first syllable, thus pronouncing the word "HWA-jat". (ENT: "Vox Sola")

Examples of spoken Kreetassan Edit

The spelling and formatting of the following phrases come from the script for ENT: "Vox Sola":

Tostka jstratta yroorcoor

Untranslated, said in response to being insulted

Kjass skjask las?

"What did we do wrong?"

Hwajat ajhakjahs!

"You eat like you mate!"

Jhaaratun yiitooratt loorii

"Whatever we've done to offend you, I apologize."

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