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Multiple realities
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Kraul was a Na'kuhl officer who was under the command of Vosk during the Temporal Cold War.

In an alternate timeline created by multiple temporal incursions by various factions in the Cold War, he was part of the plot to help Germany win the Second World War. He was with Vosk when they unsuccessfully tested the temporal conduit, with which they planned to launch an attack on the 31st century. Kraul was in charge of interrogating Enterprise crewmembers Travis Mayweather and Charles Tucker and determined that, although they were from the future, they were not temporal agents.

When American insurgents attacked the Na'kuhl compound, Kraul was instructed to ignore the assault and to continue preparing the temporal conduit. Kraul and Vosk were killed when Enterprise fired three photonic torpedoes at the compound, destroying the building. (ENT: "Storm Front, Part II")

Kraul was played by Mark Elliot Silverberg.
He wore the military uniform of a WWII German Captain (Hauptmann). Since he wore SS insignia, his rank would be listed as Hauptsturmführer. His uniform displayed several front line German decorations, such as the Iron Cross First Class and the Infantry Assault Badge.

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