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"You're too late. We are everywhere."
– The Krajensky Changeling, 2371 ("The Adversary")

Ambassador Krajensky was replaced by a Changeling while he was en route to Risa in late 2371.

The Founder then traveled to Deep Space 9 and attended Benjamin Sisko's promotion to captain. He told Sisko a fake story of a coup on Tzenketh and that his first assignment as captain was to take him to the Tzenkethi to ascertain the situation.

Bashir and Bashir

Krajensky Changeling replacing Bashir

En route, Krajensky was revealed as a Changeling and took control of the USS Defiant. The Changeling also impersonated Julian Bashir and Odo to avoid detection. The crew eventually regained control of the starship and Krajensky was killed by Odo, who in so doing, became the first Changeling to ever harm another. "Krajensky"'s last words were to inform Odo that it was too late, and the Changelings were everywhere. (DS9: "The Adversary")
Although this Changeling's dying words are established as being, "We are everywhere...," Rick Berman once incorrectly claimed that the Changeling continues by proclaiming, "...and the only thing we have to worry about in the Alpha Quadrant now is the Federation and the Klingon Empire.", apparently confusing him with the Changeling impersonating Colonel Lovok in "The Die is Cast". (Star Trek: Communicator issue 104, p. 9)

Odo's slaying of the Changeling provoked much debate and disagreement in the Great Link. In late 2372, they had Weyoun infect him with a disease to force him to return home and be judged. His punishment was ultimately to be made into a Solid. Odo was considered a traitor by the Jem'Hadar, as he had killed one of their gods. (DS9: "To the Death", "Broken Link")

In "The Adversary", the Changeling was played by Lawrence Pressman as Krajensky, Alexander Siddig as Bashir, and Rene Auberjonois as Odo.

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