The Kradin fighter was an in-atmospheric fighter craft, designed as a fighter-bomber. Operated by the Kradin, Commander Chakotay was exposed to its capabilities, when he was on the receiving end, strafed by them, while being stranded on a planet on the side of the Vori. It later turned out that Chakotay was subjected to a mind-control technique of the Vori, and has not been in the danger as perceived by him. (VOY: "Nemesis")

Background information Edit

Though Chakotay having been subjected to a mind-control exercise of the Vori, it stands to reason that the Vori would have used existing threats (to them) in their recreations, which would have included an existing Kradin fighter design.

No designation was ever given for this craft. The only designation known, "Kradin Fighter", originated from the Star Trek Fact Files, File 40, Card 98.

It has never been clear if the craft was capable of extra-atmospheric flight.

Being one of the most fleetingly seen designs in the Star Trek franchise, a full-fledged CGI model was nevertheless constructed at Foundation Imaging (Star Trek: Voyager Companion, p. 463), fully featured as the Kradin fighter in the Star Trek Fact Files, File 40, Card 98. Its depictions clearly showed that the craft was conceived as a one-man fighter-bomber, as it carried under-slung missiles beneath its wings, but it also became one of the very few Star Trek ships not to receive an entry in the 2016 fourth edition of the Star Trek Encyclopedia.

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