Korok's sphere

Korok's sphere

Korok's sphere was a Borg sphere commandeered by General Korok in 2377.

In 2377, this captured Borg vessel assisted the starship USS Voyager against the Tactical Cube 138 in an attempt to rescue the Voyager's away team consisting of Tuvok, Torres, and Captain Janeway.

Together, Korok's Sphere and Voyager mounted an assault on Borg Tactical Cube 138 that was holding Tuvok, Torres, and Janeway. Unable to penetrate the shields, they were not successful at beaming Janeway, Torres, or Tuvok out, but continued their assault.

The Borg Queen detected the assault on the Borg cube bearing Tuvok, Torres, and the captain, and ordered it to self destruct. At the last moment before destruction, the shields went down and Voyager was able to beam the captain, Torres, and Tuvok to sickbay, where The Doctor removed their Borg implants and begantheir recovery process.

After helping both of their ships in repairing the damage, General Korok was contacted by another Borg vessel under the control of former drones and they formed an alliance leading to a resistance movement against the Collective. Korok's sphere than departed to meet with the other Borg resistance drone members. (VOY: "Unimatrix Zero, Part II")

Personnel Edit

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