You may also be looking for Koral, a Bajoran.
"May I inquire as to your destination?"
"May I ask the purpose of your journey?"
– Data and Koral, 2370 ("Gambit, Part II")

Koral was a towering Klingon mercenary of few words – the pilot of a Toron-class shuttlecraft operating within Federation space.

In 2370, Koral had acquired the second piece of a Vulcan artifact (the Stone of Gol) and had arranged to rendezvous with Arctus Baran until his shuttle was detained by the USS Enterprise-D for "health and safety inspections". (TNG: "Gambit, Part II")

Koral was played by basketball hall of famer James Worthy.
For this reason, in Q's Guide to the Continuum, a caption in one of the articles says "If you've said Koral, you've said it tall", a reference to Worthy's height. At six feet, nine inches tall, he is one of the tallest people ever to appear in a Star Trek production.

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