The koon-ut-so'lik was a Vulcan mating ritual which literally meant "marriage" or "proposal". For those yet not joined to another, their plak tow was channeled through some very strict and elaborate rituals. The Vulcan marriage was typically arranged in childhood by the parents. At the age of seven, the boy and girl were betrothed in a ceremony in which they initiated a telepathic mating bond, locking their minds together so that at the proper time they would instinctively be drawn to one another again. When it was not possible to unite with his promised one, either due to death or the sheer impossibility of returning home, the male was free to choose a different mate in a declaration called koon-ut-so'lik. Either upon acceptance of the koon-ut-so'lik or the more conventional reuniting of the betrothed, the male and female met in a Vulcan ritual known as koon-ut-kal-if-fee.

On stardate 50537.2, Ensign Vorik of the USS Voyager underwent his first pon farr, and due to Voyager's circumstances, Vorik was not able to return to Vulcan to find a mate. He proposed koon-ut-so'lik to Chief Engineer B'Elanna Torres to be his mate. (VOY: "Blood Fever")

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