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Titan and training craft

Nova Squadron in orbit of Titan, secretly attempting the dangerous and forbidden Kolvoord Starburst

A Kolvoord Starburst was a dangerously complex flight maneuver performed by light spacecraft, considered one of the most spectacular feats of precision flying. A wrong move, even a slight one, during this maneuver can lead to a catastrophic collision.

The maneuver is performed by five light spacecraft flying in a circular formation, following with them crossing within ten meters of each other and flying off in the opposite direction, igniting their plasma trails as they make the crossover. When done successfully, the maneuver creates a spectacular light pattern resembling a star.

Starfleet Academy banned the Kolvoord Starburst in the 2260s following an accident in which all five cadets attempting the maneuver were killed. However, in 2368 Nova Squadron, an elite group of cadets led by Nicholas Locarno, conspired to perform it at the end of the academic year. During a clandestine practice session, Joshua Albert lost control of his craft and caused a collision that resulted in the destruction of all five craft. Albert was killed, while the others were rescued via emergency transporter. (TNG: "The First Duty")

The Kolvoord Starburst Maneuver
Kolvoord Starburst formation Kolvoord Starburst passby Kolvoord Starburst emptvents Kolvoord Starburst final
After performing a spin, the ships involved enter formation to pass within 10 meters of each other, traveling 80,000 km/h. The ships involved open their coolant interlocks, as they pass directly by each other, heading out in 5 separate directions. The coolant interlocks then vent plasma exhaust, leaving a trail. The plasma exhausts are ignited, forming a star burst pattern.

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