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For the Klingon advocate with the same name, please see Kolos (Klingon).

Kolos was an Andoran business associate of Quark's. He did not think very highly of Quark, referring to him as an "obsequious toad."

Kolos was one of a select clientele Quark allowed to participate in an auction at his bar in 2369. Quark described the bidders as "all ridiculously wealthy and not too bright". In the auction, artifacts brought back from the Gamma Quadrant by Vash were offered for sale. Kolos was successful in his bid for a Verathan statue depicting Drohlak, paying 36 bars of latinum for it. Quark attempted to interest him in a dagger as a companion piece, but he was outbided by Stol. (DS9: "Q-Less")

Kolos was played by Tom McCleister.

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