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A male Kolaran

Kolarans were a humanoid pre-warp civilization located on Kolarus III. These humanoids lived in isolated pockets at an early stage of industrial development, comparable to mid-20th century Earth.

In 2379, the Kolaran natives encountered an armed away team from the USS Enterprise-E that had invaded their territory to salvage the android B-4. The natives attacked the away team with machine guns, and chased them away from the planet. (Star Trek Nemesis)

Although not identified on screen, the name "Kolarans" is derived from production notes during the making of Nemesis.
The hand weapons used by the Kolarans were actually prop replicas of real present-day weapons with olive-colored fabrics wrapped around various sections. As shown by the It's A Wrap! sale and auction. The weapons were modified replica-guns of the Valtro shotgun, [1] the FN Herstal P-90, [2] the Glock 17, [3] the Vickers machine gun-style jeep-turret guns, [4] and other carbines. [5]

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