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Kol was a male Ferengi officer who at one time served aboard Goss' Marauder.

In 2366, he was among the representatives the Ferengi Alliance led by DaiMon Goss sent to bid for the Barzan wormhole. He and Doctor Arridor later piloted a shuttle into the wormhole, accompanying a shuttlepod from the USS Enterprise-D. Despite warnings that the wormhole had taken the two shuttles to the Delta Quadrant instead of the Gamma Quadrant as it was supposed to, the Ferengi refused to follow the Starfleet shuttle back through the wormhole. Moments after the Starfleet shuttlepod entered the wormhole, its terminus changed, leaving Arridor and Kol stranded in the Delta Quadrant. (TNG: "The Price")

Arridor and Kol eventually made their way to the homeworld of the Takarians, where they passed themselves off as the Great Sages of Takarian mythology. Under this guise, the Arridor and Kol obtained vast wealth by demanding tribute from the Takarians. In 2373, the planet was visited by the USS Voyager, and the two were driven, with the help of Neelix posing as the Holy Pilgrim, to depart the planet as in the last verse of the Song of the Sages. Arridor and Kol fled Voyager in their shuttle and attempted to return to Takar but were instead pulled into the Barzan wormhole, making it even more unstable. Their fate is unknown. (VOY: "False Profits")

Kol was portrayed by background actor J.R. Quinonez in "The Price", and later by Leslie Jordan in "False Profits".

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