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Koinonian homeworld

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Koinonian homeworld
Koinonian homeworld.jpg

Koinonian homeworld from orbit

Class: M, type 4
Type: Planet
Native Species: Koinonians
Non-corporeal lifeforms
Koinonian homeworld scan.jpg

A scan of the Koinonian homeworld

The Koinonian homeworld was home to two sentient species, the extinct corporeal Koinonian and their non-corporeal neighbors who still inhabited the desolate planet in the 24th century.

The corporeal Koinonians destroyed their entire race and ravaged the planet in the Koinonian Wars and left behind only dust and rocks on the surface. Some underground caverns, including the ceremonial chamber, and tunnels still remained intact, but the rest of the planet is completely barren.

The USS Enterprise-D did some archeological research on the planet in 2366 and discovered that it was indeed the homeworld of the two species. Further sensor scans of the planet revealed the following data:

The planet could be classified as M-class, type 4 and was considered only marginal suitable for Human habitation. The radiation factor was measured at 6 and the result of scans for minerals were unreliable, possibly due to the radiation. (TNG: "The Bonding")

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