Quark eats Kohlanese stew

Quark forced to eat the Kohlanese stew.

Kohlanese stew was a type of food.

In 2369, Asoth ordered a bowl of Kohlanese stew at Quark's Bar, but at the time, Deep Space 9's replicators were not functioning properly. Asoth was so disgusted that he made Quark eat the stew. Later, Quark used the functioning replicators in the vacant crew quarters of the habitat ring to make the stew, which pleased Asoth. Kohlanese stew from the crew quarters was among the dishes responsible for the release of the virus that infected the station. (DS9: "Babel")

Kohlanese stew was one of the meals advertised in Deep Space 9's replimat. (DS9: "The Homecoming")

According to the script for "Babel", Kohlanese was pronounced as "KO-lan-ese". [1]

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