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Klingon transport

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Asahf's transport

Klingon transport

You may also be looking for the Klingon civilian transport ship.

The Klingon transport was a type of small transport utilized within the Klingon Empire during the mid-22nd century. This type of vessel was characterized by a long fuselage section capped by a small, conical cockpit on its forward section and two typical warp nacelles aft. The ship was green in color, similar to other Klingon ships of that era.

In 2152, 54 Arin'Sen refugees fled the planet Raatooras (after it was annexed and strip-mined) aboard one of these transport vessels. The transport was pursued and attacked by the D5 class battle cruiser IKS Bortas, commanded by Duras. It suffered heavy damage and 27 dead in its six weeks in space, and was ultimately intercepted by the Earth Starfleet ship Enterprise. The transport vessel's passengers were transferred to Enterprise by Captain Jonathan Archer, who later stood trial for this "crime". (ENT: "Judgment")

For more information on this studio model, see ENT studio models.

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