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The following is a list of starships of Klingon origin:

Name Class/Type Year(s) of service Last known status
IKS Amar K't'inga-class 2270s Destroyed
IKS B'Moth K't'inga-class 2373 Destroyed
IKS Bortas D5-class 2152 Disabled
IKS Bortas Vor'cha-class 23662369 Active
"HMS Bounty" B'rel-class 22852286 Unknown
IKS Buruk K'vort-class 2367 Active
IKS Ch'Tang B'rel-class 2367 Active
Chang's Bird-of-Prey Bird-of-Prey 2293 Destroyed
IKS Devisor D7-class 2269 Active
IKS Drovana Vor'cha-class 2372 Disabled
Duras sisters' Bird-of-Prey D12-class 2371 Destroyed
Duras' Bird-of-Prey Bird-of-Prey 2153 Destroyed
IKS Fek'lhr unknown 2375 Active
Goroth's starship unknown 2153 Disabled
IKS Gr'oth D7-class 2267 Active
IKS Hegh'ta B'rel-class 23672368 Active
IKS Hor'Cha unknown 2375 Active
K'Nera's battle cruiser K't'inga-class 2364 Active
K'Temang's Bird-of-Prey Bird-of-Prey 2373 Captured
K'Vada's Bird-of-Prey Bird-of-Prey 2368 Active
Kang's battle cruiser D7-class 2268 Destroyed
Kang's battle cruiser K't'inga-class 2293 Active
Kang's Bird-of-Prey B'rel-class 2370 Active
IKS Ki'tang Bird-of-Prey 2375 Active
Klaa's Bird-of-Prey Bird-of-Prey 2286 Active
Klaang's scoutship K'toch-class 2151 Destroyed
IKS Klothos D7-class 2269 Active
IKS K'mpec unknown 2375 Active
Kohlar's battle cruiser D7-class 2377 Destroyed
Kruge's Bird-of-Prey Bird-of-Prey 2285 Captured
Kuri's battle cruiser D7-class 2269 Active
IKS Koraga K'vort-class 2375 Destroyed
IKS Korinar B'rel-class 2372 Active
Kronos One K't'inga-class 2293 Active
Laneth's starship unknown 2154 Active
Malik's Bird-of-Prey Bird-of-Prey 2154 Destroyed
IKS M'Char B'rel-class 2372 Active
IKS Maht-H'a Vor'cha-class 2369 Active
IKS Malpara B'rel-class 2375 Destroyed
IKS Negh'Var Negh'Var warship 23722373 Active
IKS Ning'tao B'rel-class 2375 Destroyed
IKS Orantho B'rel-class 2375 Active
IKS Pagh K'vort-class 2365 Active
IKS Par'tok Freighter 2374 Active
IKS P'Rang Cruiser 2365 Active
IKS Qu'Vat Vor'cha-class 2368 Active
IKS Rotarran B'rel-class 23732375 Active
ShiVang's flagship unknown unknown Active
IKS Somraw Raptor-class 2151 Active
IKS Slivin B'rel-class 2375 Active
IKS T'Acog Cruiser 2364 Destroyed
IKS T'Ong K't'inga-class 22902365 Active
IKS Toh'Kaht Vor'cha-class 2369 Destroyed
Ursva Freighter 2293 Active
IKS Vor'nak Vor'cha-class 2374 Active
IKS Vorn K'vort-class 2367 Active
Vorok's battle cruiser Battle cruiser 2151 Active
IKS Y'tem B'rel-class 2373 Active
IKS Ya'Vang Battle cruiser 2374 Active

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