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The Klingon Ship Recognition Manual was a gaming guide published by FASA as a supplement to Star Trek: The Role-Playing Game. It showed designs and described the combat abilities for several Klingon ship types and gave brief histories for them. The ships were from the timeframes of the original Star Trek series and movies. It contained many more designs than were contained in the original Starship Combat Manual. A 32-page first edition was released in 1983 in a carton sleeve, coinciding with the release of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, the title of which was printed on the sleeve. This edition contained 14 shipclasses, introduced with color art. The 1985 second edition differed greatly from the first edition. It was rewritten, expanded with new shipclasses while the color art from the first edition was left out.


First edition

From the sleeve jacket
Ship Recognition Manual: The Klingon Empire contains 28 pages of information on the ships of the Klingon Imperial Navy. Each ship is shown in color on a simulated computer printout. Fourteen ships in all. All necessary data is presented in this volume, including tonnage, crew, speeds, range, and weaponry. Everything you need to now to include them in your adventures of Star Trek: The Role Playing Game. Inside, you will find information on battleships, cruisers, destroyers, gunboats, escorts. and fleet ships. A must for STAR TREK fans and gamers alike.

Excerpts of copyrighted sources are included for review purposes only, without any intention of infringement.
Damage Charts
D-18 Destroyer
D-7 Light cruiser
K-3 Gunboat
L-9 Frigate
D-10 Heavy cruiser
K-5 Patrol craft
S-8 Mobile dry dock
K-23 Escort
K-26 Escort
W-2 Warp shuttle
D-11 Destroyer
K-6 Gunboat
S-4 Fleet service ship
L-13 Battleship

Second edition

From the book jacket
Classified – Authorized Personnel Only. The Klingon Ship Recognition Manual is intended for Star Fleet personnel with a "need to know" concerning information on the Imperial Klingon Navy. This comprehensive study discloses all known combat, visual and historical data on 42 different Klingon ships and their variants. Also included is a chronology of service and silhouette recognition chart. This manual is a must for all Star Trek enthusiasts.

Excerpts of copyrighted sources are included for review purposes only, without any intention of infringement.

The cover depicts a cutaway view of the bow on the D-20 (Death Rite) class cruiser, while the opposite back cover continues the aft cutaway image of the D-20 (Death Rite).


  • The Klingon Imperial Navy

Combat vessels

Assault ships
T-3 (Mover)
T-5 (Throne Seeker)
T-12 (Carrier of Doom)
L-13 (Fat Man)
L-24 (Ever-Victorious)
D-7 (Various Names)
D-4 (Predator)
D-9 (Seeker)
D-10 (Riskadh)
D-20 (Death Rite)
D-32 (Stronger Bird)
D-2 (Stingtongue)
D-11 (One Wing)
D-14 (Stinger)
D-16 (Swiftwind)
D-18 (Gull)
K-23 (Little Killer)
K-24 (Winner)
K-27 (Grim Reaper)
L-6 (Defender)
L-9 (Saber)
L-42 (Great Bird)
K-3 (Kalath)
K-5 (Watcher)
K-4 (Enforcer)
K-6 (Administrator)
K-14 (Pathmaker)
K-17 (Deathstalker)
K-15 (Unseen Creeper)
K-22 (Bird of Prey)
K-30 (Luckless)
K32 (Strong Victor)

Support vessels

G-3 (Baka Re')
G-8 (Traders Game)
G-5 (Tugboat)
G-6 Catapult)
W-2 (Koreba)
W-4 (Speedster)

Repair vessels and facilities

S-4 (Mender)
S-5 (Healer)
Mobile Repair Facilities
S-8 (Murph)
Defense Outposts
Z-4 (Deathgame)

Recgonition silhouettes

Time lines


First edition

Second edition

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Starship and station types

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