List of Vorok's battle cruiser personnel.

Named Edit

Unnamed Edit

First officer Edit

Voroks first officer

The Klingon first officer

This Klingon was the first officer of Vorok's battle cruiser in 2151. He was on the bridge when Vorok made contact with Enterprise and scanned the Xyrillian starship. (ENT: "Unexpected")

The Klingon first officer was portrayed by Regi Davis.

Officer Edit

Voroks officer

A Klingon officer

This Klingon officer served on the bridge of Vorok's battle cruiser when Captain Vorok made first contact with Enterprise. Later he accompanied his captain aboard the Xyrillian starship and viewed a sample of their holoprograms. (ENT: "Unexpected")

This Klingon officer was played by background actor Michael Braveheart who received no credit for this part.

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