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Kligat, Friday's Child

Several 23rd century kligats

File:Kligat, Hide and Q.jpg

The kligat was a three-sided, bladed Capellan weapon used by tribal warriors on the planet Capella IV. It was highly effective at ranges of up to a hundred meters.

In 2267, a Capellan used a kligat to kill Grant, a Starfleet security officer, and Kras, a Klingon agent. (TOS: "Friday's Child")

In 2364, a Klingon female conjured up by William T. Riker for Worf wielded a kligat and tried to attack Tasha Yar using the weapon. She was stopped and disarmed by Worf. (TNG: "Hide and Q")

According to the script of the TNG episode, the female Klingon "holds a Klingon weapon – a kligat".

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