Kipp was a merchant who resided on the planetoid Velos in the Delta Quadrant.

In 2377, he agreed to sell Gar 3,000 induction units on consignment, not realizing that Gar had no intention of returning to him with the payment. Gar sold the induction units to a Telsian mining operation on an asteroid, during which he also stole some iridium ore which he traded to the USS Voyager.

Two days later, the Voyager crew tracked Gar's activities to Velos after he stole the EMH. Kipp informed them that he had mistakenly trusted Gar because of a recommendation from one of his buyers. He directed Voyager to the buyer, who had given the recommendation because his wife and Gar had been "friends". (VOY: "Critical Care")

Kipp was played by John Franklin.

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