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Kim Robert Koscki is a stuntman, stunt actor, and stunt coordinator who performed stunts in Star Trek: First Contact and Star Trek: Enterprise, where he received no credit for his work. His costume as stunt double in the episode "The Andorian Incident" was sold off on the It's A Wrap! sale and auction on eBay. [1]

He was the main stunt double for Mike Myers in all three Austin Powers films (1997, 1999, and 2002, with Patricia Tallman in the first two).

Among his stunts resume are films such as The Return of the Living Dead (1985, with John Durbin and stunts by Erik Cord, Spiro Razatos, and Brian J. Williams), The Lost Boys (1987, with Todd Feder and stunts by Janet Brady and Spice Williams-Crosby), Child's Play 3 (1991, with Brad Dourif, Andrew Robinson, and stunts by Tom Morga, Robert Herron, and Erik Stabenau), Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot (1991, with Marjean Holden, Christopher Collins, Patti Yasutake, J.D. Walters, and stunts by Mark De Alessandro, Tommy J. Huff, and Robert Herron), The Flintstones (1994), Forrest Gump (1994), Batman Forever (1995, with Rene Auberjonois), Independence Day (1996, with Brent Spiner), Face/Off (1997, with stunts by Mark Riccardi, Denney Pierce, and Spiro Razatos), Blade (1998), Ghosts of Mars (2001, with Joanna Cassidy, Marjean Holden, and stunts by Dana Hee), Windtalkers (2002, with Christian Slater), The Cat in the Hat (2003, with Frank Welker, Clint Howard, and stunts by Darlene Williams and Andy Gill), Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous (2005, with William Shatner, Enrique Murciano, and Faith Minton), Flightplan (2005, with stunts by Lynn Salvatori), and Plane Dead (2007, with Erick Avari, Derek Webster, Todd Babcock, Tucker Smallwood, David Spielberg, and stunts by Shawn Crowder, Rosine "Ace" Hatem, Chuck Hicks, Dorenda Moore, Steve Rizzo, Nancy Thurston, Spice Williams-Crosby, and Boni Yanagisawa).

His resume also includes television series such as ER, Just Shoot Me, and Happy Family.

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