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Kilana was a Vorta commander who led several Jem'Hadar soldiers to rescue a wounded Founder from a Dominion ship that crashed on Torga IV in early 2373. After seeing the ship crash Captain Sisko and his crew attempted to capture it, not knowing that a Founder was on board. When another Jem'Hadar ship arrived and attacked Sisko's runabout killing its crew, Sisko and the away team took cover in the ship. Kilana made contact and met with Sisko. She asked him to give up the ship, and she would see that no harm came to him or his team. He refused. Kilana used this meeting to allow a Jem'Hadar to secretly board the vessel. This caused more distrust between her and Sisko.

After a series of attacks, Kilana asked for another meeting. She told Sisko that he could have the ship if he let her retrieve a hidden item on it. Sisko asked what it was, Kilana would not tell him since she didn't trust Sisko to bring her the item, and he did not believe that Kilana would give him the ship. He refused her request which resulted in further attacks. The Founder then died.

Kilana's Jem'Hadar soldiers, having failed to save the Founder, committed suicide soon after. Captain Sisko allowed her to remove a portion of the Founder's remains, remarking that if they had trusted each other, her soldiers, his crewmates and the Founder would still be alive. (DS9: "The Ship")

Kilana was played by Kaitlin Hopkins. It is interesting to note that Kilana is the only Vorta seen that doesn't have the usual Vorta hairstyle.

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