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Key Collection volume 6

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Collection of stories from Gold Key Comics' original Star Trek series.


Key Collection volume 6 is a comic book paperback collecting the fifth group of issues from Gold Key Comics' original Star Trek monthly, spanning from May 1977 to May 1978.

It depicted the events of a later missions taking place during the TOS five-year mission. While no definitive timeline was established, the stardates of these stories match a range of stardates spanning approximately the last three-quarters of TOS Season 1. Several canon characters and concepts were included in the stories, but the details were very much contradictory with televised Star Trek of the era, the artists were apparently unfamiliar with the source material.

Originally announced for release in March 2007, the collection was delayed until November 2008.



Prince Traitor
Issue #44 (May 1977)
Mr. Oracle
Issue #46 (August 1977)
This Tree Bears Bitter Fruit
Issue #47 (September 1977): On stardate "67:32.4"
Sweet Smell of Evil
Issue #48 (October 1977): On stardate 5716.4
A Warp in Space
Issue #49 (November 1977)
The Planet of No Life
Issue #50 (January 1978)
Destination Annihilation
Issue #51 (March 1978): On stardate "26:04.4"
And a Child Shall Lead Them
Issue #52 (May 1978): On stardate "28:11.5"
Issue 45 contained a reprint of an earlier issue and is not included in this volume.


James T. Kirk 
Leonard McCoy 
Montgomery Scott 
Science officer
Hikaru Sulu 
Communications officer.

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