Alternate Reality
(split 2233)

Kevin was one of two Teenaxi inadvertantly beamed aboard the USS Enterprise when members of his delegation attacked Captain James T. Kirk on a diplomatic mission in 2263.

Struggling with Kirk on the transporter pad, Kevin and his companion escaped the Enterprise transporter room and were pursued down a corridor by two crewmen.

Following the destruction of the Enterprise and the reunion of her crew at Starbase Yorktown, Kevin attended the birthday celebration for Kirk wearing – as Kirk noted – a blue shirt, but "still no pants". (Star Trek Beyond)

A mock-up of Kevin in a Starfleet sciences division uniform tunic (adorned with lieutenant's rank stripes) was used during the production of Star Trek Beyond and later replaced with a digital version of the character wearing civilian clothing in post-production.
A photograph of Chris Pine holding Kevin on his lap appeared on Twitter. [1]

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