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Kesprytt III

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Kesprytt III
Kesprytt III.jpg

The USS Enterprise-D in orbit of Kesprytt III

Type: Planet
Native Species: Kesprytt
Location: Kesprytt system
Kesprytt III surface.jpg

The surface of Kesprytt III

Kesprytt III was the third planet of the Kesprytt planetary system. This was the homeworld of the Kesprytt. The planet was divided into two large nation-states controlled by the Kes and the Prytt.

During the 24th century, the Kes was the larger of the two nations, comprising three quarters of the planet's population, while Prytt contained the remaining one quarter of the population. The two nation-states have a paranoid dislike of each other, bordering on xenophobia.

In 2370, the Kes applied for a special "associate" Federation membership, as an exception to the normal rule requiring a planet to have a united planetary government for membership. The application for the admission of Kes to the Federation was rejected due to the severe diplomatic and military problems between the two nations. (TNG: "Attached")

The surface scenes were filmed on a two day location shooting at Griffith Park's Bronson Canyon. (Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion)

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