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Kentor was a Human colonist on Tau Cygna V in 2366. Like the other colonists, he was immune to hyperonic radiation, and was a respected member of the colony.

When Lieutenant Commander Data arrived to arrange the evacuation of the colony due to the demands of the Sheliak, Kentor was one of the first to greet him along with his friend Haritath. He was more reasonable than the leader of the colony, Gosheven, and was convinced by Data and Ard'rian McKenzie of the need to evacuate. However, he refused to speak out until he had convinced Gosheven too.

When Data showed what the colonists were up against, using his own phaser as a demonstration, Kentor finally spoke out, by which time Gosheven himself became convinced. (TNG: "The Ensigns of Command")

Kentor was played by Richard Allen.
According to the script, Kentor was pronounced as "KEN-tor".

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