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Kelvin Memorial Archive

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Kelvin Memorial Archive

Inside the archive

London, 2259

The location of the exploding Kelvin Memorial Archive

The Kelvin Memorial Archive in London was officially a Starfleet archive containing publicly accessible data, named for the destroyed USS Kelvin. It was secretly a Section 31 facility.

In 2259, John Harrison blackmailed Thomas Harewood, who was stationed there, into detonating a bomb in exchange for a blood transfusion to save Harewood's dying daughter. After ensuring his daughter's safety, Harewood walked into work and detonated the bomb - disguised as his Starfleet Academy ring - by dropping it in a glass of water, but not before messaging Admiral Alexander Marcus to explain Harrison was threatening him.

The resulting explosion claimed 42 lives, including Harewood. In the midst of the chaos, Harrison inspected the rubble and recovered a portable transwarp beaming device that he would use to escape from his subsequent attack on a meeting called by Marcus at Starfleet Headquarters regarding the bombing. (Star Trek Into Darkness)

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