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The Kellogg Company is an American food manufacturer based in Battle Creek, Michigan that became a promotional partner with Paramount Pictures in 2009 and produced Star Trek-branded food products for grocery stores.

Star Trek releases Edit

Star Trek Eggo waffles

Star Trek-themed Eggo waffles

A number of Kellogg's products offered Star Trek merchandise and memorabilia, either by mail order or included within the package. These products were exclusively tied into the 2009 film.

Specially-marked boxes of Kellogg's cereals contained a "Beam-Up Badge" (essentially, a Star Trek-themed LED light), of which there were five different designs. Boxes of Frosted Krispies offered red or blue Starfleet t-shirts by mail, while boxes of Frosted Flakes and packages of Keebler cookies featured offers for a Star Trek 1GB flash drive wristband.

Kellogg's various Eggo waffle products offered a 3D Warp Speed Plate by mail and boxes of Kellogg's Pop-Tarts offered free passes to see the film. A varying number of tokens were required to garner each mail-order product.

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