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First Minister Kellan in 2372

Kellan was the First Minister of Rakosa V in 2372. When informed about the threat to his people posed by the Dreadnought missile that year, he believed that the USS Voyager had launched the missile on purpose. He told Captain Kathryn Janeway that their reputation was well known. The Kazon had been spreading lies about Voyager, that it was a warship. Janeway was able to convince him that they were not responsible and would help stop the missile.

Kellan ordered the evacuation of the planet's eastern continent and sent Rakosan defense forces to intercept the missile, although he knew that stopping Dreadnought was beyond his capabilities. When Janeway planned to ram the missile with Voyager and sacrifice her crew to save her people, Kellan knew the true intentions of Voyager. Kellan was extremely grateful to the Voyager crew after they successfully destroyed the missile and assured Janeway that she had made a friend that day with her actions. (VOY: "Dreadnought")

Kellin was played by actor Dan Kern.

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