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Kelis, a male member of his species

Kelis' species are a primitive humanoid species native to Kelis' homeworld, a Class L planet located in the Delta Quadrant. They were a pre-warp civilization at a level of development similar to early ancient Greece. Individuals of Kelis' species worship gods whom they refer to as the Eternals. They believed that these gods could live on their planet and walk among them as beings of great power, such as controlling thunder and lightning, or rising up to the heavens.

They possessed some limited metallurgical technology shown by their ability to produce the simple alloy bronze. They were also capable of mining and producing tin, copper and gold.

They did appear to have some sort of financial system, though they did not appear to use money. Jewels made of precious metals, such as gold, could be used to trade for food and other necessities.

Though their planet boasted large deposits of dilithium, the inhabitants were unaware of its energy producing qualities and viewed it simply as a local crystal or gemstone they called Winter's tears. Its mining or harvesting privileges may have been reserved for the local nobility or Autarchs. Kelis knew of only one deposit in his area and it was located on his Lord's lands. Trespassing there carried the death penalty.

Kelis' species were a very poetic species, producing poetry and plays for entertainment. Their method of performing was similar to that of ancient Greece. They also used this art to pass on moral messages that the artists used to placate their lords into making peace instead of wars.

The local nobles or Autarchs were very warlike, attacking enemies and starting wars whenever they were ensured of good weather over trivial matters such as insults and land disputes. (VOY: "Muse")

By 2376, members of this species had apparently been assimilated by the Borg. (VOY: "Unimatrix Zero", "Unimatrix Zero, Part II")

The Borg child that appeared to be a member of Kelis' species refers to having been assimilated in 'His father's ship'. Since Kelis' species still seemed pre-warp when Voyager encountered them the nature of this ship seems unsure.


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