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Kelis was a poet and playwright on a L-class planet that B'Elanna Torres crash landed on in 2376.

He discovered her and tended to her wounds. She needed dilithium to power her shuttle, and Kelis offered to provide her with the dilithium if she provided him with stories about her adventures on USS Voyager. He wanted to use the material to write a play about the "eternals" of Voyager. He hoped that the play would ease tensions between rival heads of clans on the planet and avert a war. He used these plays to entertain the local warlord who had become insulted by a neighboring lord over a dowry.

He also provided food and other supplies to Torres as she was repairing her shuttle. Torres in turn helped him rehearse the play, but they couldn't come up with an ending. When the shuttle was repaired, Torres joined Kelis and took part in his play, performing an ending. The warlord was pleased and war was averted as Torres beamed to her shuttle. (VOY: "Muse")

Kelis was played by Joseph Will. His costume was sold off on the It's A Wrap! sale and auction on eBay. [1]

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