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Kelemane's planet (aka "The Weird Planet Displaced in Time") was a planet in the Delta Quadrant. It was unusual due to its tachyon core, which generated a subspace particle field that ran between the poles. When USS Voyager encountered the planet in 2376, it was pulled into its orbit by a gravimetric gradient. The ship disrupted the field, causing high-frequency seismic activity on the surface.

On the surface of the planet, time was greatly accelerated compared to that of normal space. A rotation of the planet occurred 58 times per one minute observed from normal space. The native humanoid species observed one day every 1.03 seconds.

In 2376, while Voyager was trapped in orbit, the captain's assistant Naomi Wildman wrote a report about the planet for her astronomy class. The report was titled "The Weird Planet Displaced in Time". (VOY: "Blink of an Eye")

The planet was not named in dialogue, except as the title of Naomi's report, and so is named for one of its inhabitants, Kelemane.
According to the Star Trek: Star Charts (p. 93), this planet, identified as the Tachyon-Core Planet, was visited by Voyager on stardate 53520.

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