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"I hate Ferengi." (last words)

Keevan was a Vorta overseer in the service of the Dominion. In early 2374, Keevan's attack ship crashed on a class-M planetoid inside a dark matter nebula in Cardassian territory. In the crash, all but a few vials of ketracel-white were destroyed, and only ten Jem'Hadar survived. Keevan himself was seriously injured, and the unit's communications equipment was damaged, leaving them unable to send a distress call.

Coincidentally, another attack ship crashed on the planetoid a few days later – only this attack ship carried an infiltrating Starfleet crew. After the Jem'Hadar captured Nog and Elim Garak from the Starfleet unit, a desperate Keevan ordered Third Remata'Klan to offer the prisoners in exchange for the services of the Starfleet doctor, Julian Bashir, and a meeting with Captain Benjamin Sisko.


Keevan, shot

After recovering from emergency surgery, Keevan offered a simple trade: he would order his Jem'Hadar to attack the Starfleet encampment, but would reveal the attack plan to Sisko in advance, allowing the Starfleet group to eliminate the Jem'Hadar without any difficulty. Keevan did this because he knew that he would be killed by his Jem'Hadar once the white ran out. But with Starfleet, he at least had a chance to live.

Keevan's plan worked flawlessly. Sisko's team killed Remata'Klan and the other Jem'Hadar, and Keevan surrendered to Sisko, turning over the damaged communications equipment, which Chief O'Brien repaired. After their rescue, Keevan was turned over to Starfleet as a prisoner of war. Keevan noted that if he'd had just two more vials of white, Sisko and his people never would have had a chance. (DS9: "Rocks and Shoals")

Later that year, Keevan was used as part of a bargain for a prisoner exchange between the Ferengi Alliance and the Dominion. The Federation allowed Quark to offer Keevan in exchange for the release of Ishka, Quark's mother. (Kira Nerys convinced Sisko and the Federation to release Keevan, as thanks for Quark saving her life a few months before.) However, Keevan was accidentally killed by Gaila aboard Empok Nor shortly before the prisoner transfer was to take place. Keevan's dying words were "I hate Ferengi..."

Desperate, Nog engineered a series of neural stimulators to control and mimic Keevan's body's motor functions. This allowed Quark to make it appear as if Keevan were still alive long enough to secure Ishka's release. When the Ferengi left Empok Nor, Keevan's body was left aboard, continually walking into a bulkhead due to a jammed transceiver. (DS9: "The Magnificent Ferengi")

Keevan was played by actor Christopher Shea.

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