For additional meanings of "Keel", please see Keel.

Keel was a Capellan warrior loyal to Maab. He had previously met Federation Doctor Leonard McCoy during his visit to Capella IV sometime prior to 2267.

Keel was the warrior responsible for killing USS Enterprise security Lieutenant Grant upon beaming down to the surface of Capella IV.

After Maab became Teer to the Ten Tribes, Keel participated in the party searching for the Enterprise landing party, scouted their position, and advised the Teer of their location.

Later, when Maab granted Eleen her life, and Maab's own was forfeited, Keel stood ready. When Maab sacrificed his life to distract Kras, Keel threw his kleegat, killing Kras and ending a tense standoff. (TOS: "Friday's Child")

Keel was played by actor Cal Bolder.

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