The Kazon Order or Kazon Collective was the collective name given to all the Kazon sects. (VOY: "Alliances", "State of Flux")

The Order was not a unified political entity, and most of the sects were very hostile to each other. The number of Kazon sects changed every day; there were at most eighteen in early 2372. (VOY: "Initiations") If combined, the Kazon Order would have comprised hundreds of ships and thousands of soldiers. (VOY: "Maneuvers")

Leaders in the Kazon political system were called Majes, and the leader of an individual sect was called the First Maje. First Majes of the Kazon Order during the 2370s included:

There has been no overall leader of the Kazon Order since the 2340s, when Jal Sankur united the sects to overthrow the Trabe. (VOY: "Maneuvers")

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