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Central Asia

The nation of Kazakhstan (in light green) flanked by the much larger countries of Russia and China

Kazakhstan was a nation-state on Earth in the 21st century. Originally a socialist republic of the Soviet Union, Kazakhstan became an independent nation in the 1990s. (TOS: "The Cage")

Maps of the Earth, including Kazakhstan, were present on the library computer of the USS Enterprise in 2254. (TOS: "The Cage")

Sometime towards the end of the 24th century, the USSR reformed and Kazakstan was apparently reincorporated into that nation. Kazakhstan at that time was the site of the Baikonur Cosmodrome, which launched the SS Tsiolkovsky. (TNG: "The Naked Now")

The nation of Kazakhstan has never been directly mentioned in dialogue, but can clearly be seen on a world map in the remastered version of the "The Cage".

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