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Katie Soo (born 27 January 1985; age 33) is an actress from San Francisco, California, who plays a Starfleet Academy security guard in J.J. Abrams' Star Trek. [1] She studied acting at San Francisco State University.

Soo and her fellow Star Trek extras Zachary Culbertson, Arlo Hemphill, Kyle Scudiere, and Brian Vowell all appeared in the comedy film Four Christmases (2008). Soo has also appeared in Paramount Pictures' 2007 film Freedom Writers (with Tim Halligan, Brian Bennett, Dan Warner, and Dan Warner) and the comedies Old Dogs (2009) and Year One (2009).

Another film featuring Soo is a comedy called Everything Must Go. In this film, Soo plays the role of Patty while her fellow Star Trek extra, Leonard Baligaya, plays her boyfriend. Other projects she has worked on include the drama Coach Carter (2005), the comedy Apartment 202 (2005), the comedy All That I Need (2005), the television comedy The Bobby Lee Project (2008), the short drama The Other Way Round (2008), the Greek episode "Brothers & Sisters" (2008, with Aliza Finley), the short film Eyes of Yu (2009), and the drama Liquor Store Cactus (2009).

More recently she filmed the thriller Sedona's Rule (2010) and the drama The Blue of Noon (2011).

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