Kateras was an elderly Boraalan male and part of the group saved from Boraal II by Doctor Nikolai Rozhenko. He had at least one daughter, Tarrana.

Without his knowledge, he was moved to Vacca VI aboard the USS Enterprise-D in 2370 and became part of the new village established there.

Lieutenant Worf, masquerading as a Boraalan seer, helped Kateras during the Boraalans' simulated journey to their new home that took place on the Enterprise-D holodeck. Kateras was worried that he was too old to make the journey and wanted Worf to take care of Tarrana by becoming her husband, much to Worf's chagrin. (TNG: "Homeward")

Kateras was played by actor Edward Penn.
His name comes from the script.
The Star Trek Encyclopedia (4th ed., vol. 1, p. 404) identified Kateras as an elder.