Katanay was a character, based on Chakotay, in The Doctor's fictional holonovel entitled Photons Be Free.

In the novel, Katanay was a Bajoran with a ponytail, a Bajoran tattoo on the left side of his face, and an earring, larger and thicker than typical, on his right ear. He was the first officer of the USS Vortex. He was a thug and treated the EMH as a tool. He insisted that the EMH take care of his helm officer, Lieutenant Marseilles, instead of a more seriously-injured crewmember. His insistence in this matter resulted in the death of the injured crewmember by Captain Jenkins. (VOY: "Author, Author")

Like his counterpart, Katanay was played by Robert Beltran.
His name comes from the script.
While it is too dark to see exactly what rank Katanay held, he was wearing a provisional officers bar.

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