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Karya, a Vori child, was the central character in a Vori brainwashing simulation used on Commander Chakotay in 2374. Its purpose was to program Chakotay into hating the Kradin, whom the Vori were at war with, and joining their war effort. The simulation presented Karya as an innocent child beset by the ravages of war. She was a resident of the Larhana settlement, where she lived with her maternal grandfather Penno.

She helped Chakotay recover from his wounds and built a relationship with him. She looked upon him as a great warrior and asked him to take a keepsake to her brother, Daryo. After the Kradin had captured her village, Karya was sent to an extermination unit when she tried to save her grandfather from the same fate. This was done in front of Chakotay in order to incense him and made him believe he had witnessed Kradin atrocities. This last simulation of the death of Karya and her villagers caused him to join the Vori in a battle with their enemy. He did not truly believe it was all a lie until he was brought by Tuvok back to the simulation, which had reset, causing the village to appear pristine and untouched, with Karya once again alive and not recognizing Chakotay. (VOY: "Nemesis")

Karya was played by Meghan Murphy.

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