Karemman fleece was a material produced by the Karemma, a Gamma Quadrant species and members of the Dominion. The fleece was among the goods exported from the planet Karemma to the Federation as part of a trade agreement intermediated by the Ferengi in the early 2370s.

During a shipment of Karemman fleece in 2372, Karemman traders were required by Quark to pay an additional four percent surcharge, supposedly for inspecting the cargo for changeling infiltrators. Another six percent tax on the shipment was implemented, supposedly to "help offset the lost income of Tarkalian sheep herders."

In his complaint to Captain Sisko, trade minister Hanok used the Karemman fleece shipment as an example of why the Karemma were acquiring little profit in their trades with the Federation. (DS9: "Starship Down")

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