"Your world has food chains. Mine does not."

Kaminar was a planet home to the pre-warp Kelpien species. (ST: "The Brightest Star")

Unlike Earth, which had a food chain, the species map of this planet was binary, where a lifeform was either predator or prey. The Ba'ul were a technologically advanced species who required the pre-warp Kelpiens to ritualistically sacrifice themselves to their ships. (DIS: "The Vulcan Hello"; ST: "The Brightest Star")

The planet's sky was dominated by several nearby bodies. Lifeforms on the planet included flying animals. Animal sounds could be heard constantly. The Kelpiens harvested a kelp-like aquatic plant, as well as flowers, including night-blooming flowers. (ST: "The Brightest Star")

Scenes on the planet for "The Brightest Star" were filmed at Scarborough Bluffs in Toronto.
The Pocket DIS novel Desperate Hours calls Saru's homeworltd "Kelpia". This was later contradicted by another Discovery novel entitled Fear Itself, which first established the planet's name as Kaminar months before the release of "The Brightest Star".

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