Visions & illusions
(covers information from a vision or illusion)

Kamie was a young boy, native to the community of Ressik on the planet Kataan.

He was the son of Meribor and Dannick, and the grandson of Kamin and Eline. His uncle was Batai. He used to play with his grandfather and was always reminded by the elder never to forget to wear his skin protector when going outside. He was surely named in honor of Kamin, due to the similarity of their names.

Kamie died when his planet's sun went nova in Earth's 14th century when he was still very young. Though his life was short, his mother did her best to give him a life as full and rich as possible. (TNG: "The Inner Light")

Kamie was played by actor William Harwood in an uncredited role. [1]
Although not stated in the episode, it is very likely that Kamie was Dannick's son.

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