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Class: Transport
Affiliation: Boreal III
Status: Recovered (2368)

The Kallisko was a warp-capable transport ship whose crew was consumed by the Crystalline Entity near the Brechtian Cluster in 2368. Its home port was Boreal III.

The Kallisko was only equipped with minimal shields and low-level particle phasers which were no match for the Crystalline Entity. After the USS Enterprise-D boarded the ship a short time later, it was discovered that every living thing in the ship had been consumed by the Crystalline entity, including the crew and even the seeds in the ship's greenery storage.

A skeleton crew was dispatched from the nearest starbase to take the ship back to its home port. (TNG: "Silicon Avatar")

According to the script for this episode [1], the pronunciation for Kallisko was "kal-ISS-ko". For more information on this studio model, see Studio models (TNG).

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