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Kalita was a member of the Maquis resistance movement, based out of a settlement in the Demilitarized Zone.

In 2370, her superior cell leader was Macias. Kalita was highly critical and suspicious of new recruits to the Maquis. She kept a close eye on Ro Laren, a Starfleet operative, after she was brought to the Maquis settlement, sharing quarters with her. She later accompanied Ro on a mission to obtain medical kits by raiding the USS Enterprise-D in the Topin system. Ro's apparent ability to fool the Federation sensor buoys and penetrate the Enterprise-D shields were enough to impress Kalita and convince her that Ro was a genuinely willing to help their cause. After Ro defected to the Maquis near the Hurgora nebula, she abandoned her ship and transported to Kalita's vessel. (TNG: "Preemptive Strike")

In 2371, Kalita worked with Thomas Riker on a plan to steal the USS Defiant from station Deep Space 9. She manned the helm during the Defiant strikes on Cardassian outposts and planets. After the Defiant was forced to stand down near the Orias system, Kalita returned to Federation space with the Defiant and was taken into custody. (DS9: "Defiant")

Kalita was played by actress Shannon Cochran.

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